Pre/Kinder - Cross-Number
Pre/Kinder - Cross-Number
Pre/Kinder - Cross-Number
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  • Pre-Kindergarten
  • About Cross-Number
  • Digital Subscription
  • Paper
  • 30 preschool puzzles and 30 kindergarten puzzles, 71 pages

  • One version for all languages as puzzles just have illustrations
  • Two sets of number tiles: magnetic number tiles 1-9 and a sheet of number tiles 1-30

  • Counting forward and backward from 1-30

  • Counting items in two collections

  • Developing finger patterns for numbers from 1–10

  • Visualizing spatial patterns for numbers from 1–10

    Approximate grade level: Preschool and Kindergarten

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    Cross-Number Discovery Puzzles & Games is an invaluable tool to help a child develop numeracy concepts. Each Cross-Number program is organized into groups of five puzzles with a corresponding set of games. Each subsequent group of five puzzles moves to more advanced concepts while still reinforcing previous concepts. These games provide practice on the number concepts introduced in the group of five puzzles.


    • Over 40 fun self-correcting puzzles at each level
    • A multitude of games ideal for partners, groups, learning centres and whole-class activities
    • Easy-to-differentiate instruction with a puzzle at the appropriate level for each child
    • Tool for parental involvement; puzzles introduce parents to models and strategies that support numeracy development
    • Excellent diagnostic and assessment tool to identify gaps in a student’s comprehension

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