& Thinking Strategies

Created by Celia Baron

Effective, easy to use, and fun elementary school numeracy resources.

Cross-Number Discovery Puzzles & Games are designed to meet students where they are in their learning and to help take them to the next level.

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  • Fun and engaging puzzles and games
  • Based on early numeracy research
  • Includes a range of topics that gradually become more challenging
  • Allows for differentiated instruction
  • Locates and remediates any gaps in math understanding
  • Easy and straightforward to administer and mark

The Thinking Strategies series for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division is a powerful program for teaching basic facts.

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  • Based on research on how children master basic facts
  • Presents facts in an order that makes them intuitive and simple to learn
  • Provides a multitude of strategies including models, patterns, and rhymes
  • Includes unique and captivating activities
  • Provides clear and concise lesson plans
  • Accessory resources available for more practice opportunities
“Learning facts is so easy with this program, and I love the colouring activities!”

— Ella K., Grade 2 Student, Edmonton, Canada

"The Cross-Number puzzles are a fun way to review many math concepts in one activity. My students love them, and I use the different levels, depending on each student's ability."

— Francesca Gallo, Grade 4 teacher

"I have been teaching for many years, and the students have never learned mathematics as well as they have this year with this program. The parents were involved and were very pleased with the results."

— Sylvia Milner, Grade 4 teacher