Addition - Thinking Strategies
Addition - Thinking Strategies
Addition - Thinking Strategies
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Thinking Strategies


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  • Included in Addition
  • About Thinking Strategies
  • Digital Subscription
  • Paper
  • Six levels, 247 pages organized in an intuitive step-wise manner
  • Over 50 easy-to-follow lesson plans
  • Multiple Thinking Strategies provided for each set of facts
  • Modeling with ten-frames, cube-trains, and dominos
  • Student exercise sheets including Ten-Frame Rallies, Match-Ups, Wacky Webs, Number Designs, Secret Messages, and more
  • Challenge Facts, Power Facts, Partner Bingo, playing cards and assessment tools for each level

The purchase of Thinking Strategies Addition provides the license for use for one school building.

The Thinking Strategies program provides a comprehensive approach for teaching basic facts. It is designed based on three key principles.

  • Chunking and ordering facts. Each level focuses on a specific fact or grouping of facts. The grouping and ordering of the levels was chosen purposefully to enable students to learn the basic facts most efficiently and easily.
  • Thinking Strategies. Multiple strategies are presented for each fact and often include models. Students are encouraged to use as many strategies as possible to complete the facts.  
  • Practice. Many different/fun practice opportunities are provided to allow students to reach mastery of the basic facts.

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The subscription is renewed automatically each year on the first day of the month of your purchase. For instance if your purchase was on Oct 12, 2023, the original pdf file will time out Oct 1, 2024 and you will be emailed the updated pdf Oct 1, 2024.

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